Fayth x Lucido-L Workshop

Featuring an exclusive showcase to Fayth’s 3rd October collection themed, Greenery, and we had a Fayth x Lucido-L workshop on Saturday, 30th September 2017, with Lucido-L’s hairstylist, Joy Tan, showing us how to get 3 magazine perfect hairstyles.


Before the workshop started, we were given insights on how the hair on our heads crowns the entire outfit and how first impressions are mostly formed based on our hairstyles…who knew!

Whether it is damaged, dehydrated, lacks shine or frizzy, we hate them all! Joy taught us some tips using Lucido-L’s products to tame mane and explained the purposes of the range of products by demonstrating methods of application. 3 simple yet beautiful and timeless styles such as Soft Curls, Voluminous Ponytail and Casual Braided Up-do were done on a couple of our beautiful Fayth participants.

After each hair style demonstration, Fayth’s stylists came in and give a tip on how to fix the right outfit for the right crown. Topics such as how to be confident in matching green on green and how to switch up a formal look into something casual were covered.


A segment of the session was set aside for participants to apply what they’ve learnt by trying it out on their friends! Lucido-L provided hair curlers and straighteners along with the products Joy shared in the workshop. We were impressed by the hairstyles done by the participants and selected the ones who picked up Joy’s tips and tricks quick and translated it to the best hairstyle in the room.


We concluded the workshop with a group photo! Thank you to the customers who attended the workshop and we hoped you learnt a tip or two from Lucido-L x Fayth workshop! We enjoyed getting to know you and seeing you come #dressedinfayth for the workshop and we hope to see more of you at our future workshops! 😉


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