Fayth x Influencers-Mother’s Day 2021

# M O T H E R ‘ S  D A Y

A day to celebrate you,






Sharing the joy of motherhood through the lives of these mommies-to-be!

How has this pregnancy been so far?

I’ve been very blessed to go through a relatively smooth pregnancy. It also brings me and my husband closer together. We learn to adapt, to be more understanding, and be more caring towards each other.


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How has pregnancy prepared you for motherhood?

Pregnancy has shown me how sacrificial a mummy can be and what a mummy is willing to go through for their baby. I used to be really afraid of needles, pain, or blood! But having gone through this journey, I know I can only be strong, be tough and do whatever I can for him. This has definitely enlightened me on what love and motherhood are really about.

Celebrating my first Mother’s Day with Fayth

Going through pregnancy and knowing the tough days coming after, I now have newfound respect for all mothers.

My first pregnancy journey has been a roller coaster of emotions – surprise when I first found out, fear, uncertainty, anxiety, distress with the multiple changes in my body, and ultimately joy because I know I am blessed to be growing a little human being inside me. One of the most memorable moments is definitely feeling my baby kick and move inside me for the first time.

Getting closer to meeting the little baby inside me and I’m so excited yet nervous at the same time!


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How has pregnancy prepared you for motherhood?

I guess the frequent wakings to go to the toilet at night will be preparing my body for night wakes!

What was the most memorable part of your pregnancy?

Probably the times when I see my older children hug my tummy and talk to their baby brother, it’s so sweet!

Here’s to all mommies and mommies-to-be,

Happy Mother’s Day!